Funny meeting you here

Interesting times this weekend. My son is in the show choir program at his high school. They happen to be one of the big schools in this area, having won all kinds of competitions and setting the bar for other school choirs. This past saturday marked their first competition of the season, where they would face other top-notch schools, as well as their cross town rivals (who are also very big in the show choir arena). I also noticed that MY old high school’s cross town rival would be performing at this same competition. Well, this should be a fun evening!

So my wife, daughter, and daughter’s BF and I trundled off to the competition a few miles up the 5 from our home. My son is in the Advanced team and so was competing against all of the other schools top vocal groups, nine in total, with his school performing last (headliners!). We watched as each team took their turn, each subsequent program better than the last.

In between sets, one of the moms from my old arch-rival school was walking up the aisle, when something about her struck me as familiar . It didn’t take me but a second to realize that it was my step sister, whom I had not seen in 17-years! Unbelievable! I called out her name and she stopped and gave me a puzzled look before the light went off and she recognized me as well. She then informed me that my step mother was also in attendance and that her 14-year-old daughter was competing in the competition. We spent the rest of the evening reminiscing in between sets and introducing “cousins” whom, until tonight, had no idea that the other existed. We left with an exchange of numbers and the promise of getting together soon. My kids and I have since friended our new niece/cousin on the ol’ Facebook and I am looking forward to catching up. At least we’ll have plenty to talk about, what with 17-years of accumulated material!

I am not sure of the cosmic significance of the whole thing, but I welcome it. I don’t even know how or why we fell out of touch for so long. I suppose, since I didn’t live with them (my dad remarried after I had already moved out of the house) I wasn’t that invested emotionally, and after my father passed away, felt less inclined to maintain lines of contact, until ultimately, everyone just drifted off into their own life currents. There was never any animosity or bad feelings so I am just pleased and grateful for this opportunity to re-connect.  Life sure is a trip!

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